Create A Modern Press Release

  • If the headline were a Facebook post, would it catch your eye?
  • Would you want to learn more if you saw 140 characters of the release as a tweet?
  • Is it even interesting at all?
  • What would make it more relevant?
  • Do you understand what is being said?
  • Is the language complicated or unnecessary?

We evaluated the article by looking at these best practices we would use in our own personal posting. We also talked about what we can’t stand seeing on Facebook or Instagram. Really, how many pictures of food can one look at? And right now looking on my Facebook page I could read a long story about some vague drama a friend is going through that reads like a novelette, or look at some girl with a deep-fried bacon cheeseburger next to her face — I guess what I’m getting at is at a certain point you have to be relevant and interesting with your content for it to matter.

The Modern Press Release

No one wants to read about exaggerated company details nor do customers or investors appreciate reading a post filled with bolstered claims, clichés and over used words to describe company growth and news. I think this helps explain the debate about whether traditional press releases are dried out methods, because they have often become a landing page for boring, mundane, or fluffy posts. If all press releases were newsworthy, intriguing, and honest I think they would get a lot more pick up and actually result in real press coverage – which is exactly what they are designed to do.

It is a far reach to compare Facebook to a press release, and that is not what I am trying to do here. I am simply suggesting that like all content we push out onto the internet, we should be conscious of what we are saying and decide first if it is interesting and clear. Our social media life rules apply to business.

The Lesson

This discussion was a great learning experience and an important lesson in marketing content writing[3]. Rather than blasting out anything and everything, it is better to filter and direct your messages carefully. By doing this, it also drastically improved the press release. I will now, when reviewing press releases, keep social media sites in mind and think to myself “Is this interesting? Have I read something like this before? Is it too much?”

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