Put Your Press Release on the Web

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Got news? News releases have forever been recognized as an effective way for a business to get the word out about business developments, product offerings and events. A well-timed and effectively distributed release has the ability to reach an entire business’s audience on a local, regional, national or even global level.

Yet, while news releases are a proven means of generating media coverage, business opportunities, investor interest and overall “buzz,” some still perceive them as a “situational” marketing tool, the life of which is limited to just days. Happily, news releases–the workhorse of public relations and marketing–have kept up with the technology of the times. Today, news releases leverage web technology with imbedded audio, video, links, expert profiles and more. As importantly, with search engine optimization, the life of a news release can now be extended from just days to months and even longer, attracting much desired attention to your business and product offerings.

News & Search: Perfect Together

Like most other forms of communication today, effective news release distribution leverages the power of the internet to tell your story via thousands of websites and other news collection points around the world, making your message accessible by any potential customer, business partner or investor with an internet connection. Some web destinations for your release are more important than others, however.

Enter the search engine. Whether it’s Google, Yahoo! or MSN, the search engine has become the primary starting point for most web users seeking to buy, invest or investigate nearly everything. This trend has elevated search engine “real estate” to one of the most desirable and hotly contested locations on the web.

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